Yafca Art | About
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Yearn to Abstract Form Cube Analysis

YAFCA engages for the present time mainly in visual arts mostly in out-of-court, public or private venues. The vantage point of the individual artistic work of its members and their common inquiries and interests as well, is the mutual need for thorough research and sometimes painfull study of the hole specter of the realm of modern visual arts.

The group’s collective thesaurus embed fragments of images and traces of the living memory of the heroic moments of the high modernism of 20th century. Geometric abstraction, Minimalism, Lyrical Abstraction, pop art and visual art, the Color Field Painting, as well as Monochrome Painting, collage, decollage and assemblage, are among others peradigms loosely practicing by the members of the group.

They are used freely, either as mere experimentational tools either as pure structural elements of the artisan’s scafollding.

Through its public activities and its- still green- artistic oeuvre YAFCA tries to open doors and winows for dialogue with today’s visual production as well as to undermine critically the ‘new’ orthodoxies of our time.

YAFCA includes mostly young visual artists with any specific expressive media they wield. The presentations of the common projects of the participants seek to be read by the informed and less informd beholders as a whole.

The members of the group optionally maintain their personal approach and passionately seek to collaborate with other members or invited artists.